Shine Me Up!
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Shine Me Up!

This is the second time I have tried to play for this man and today he is feeling well enough to listen. He is at the far side of a long room and his IV pole is hiding my view of His face, the TV is on at a relatively low volume and the environmental staff is cleaning out waste cans and crinkling bags. None of this bothers me!

Shortly after I begin to play, an Irish ballad, followed by two Hornpipes, he is smiling, moving things aside so he can see me and becoming involved with the music. After the first tunes the environmental person helps to turn off the TV and we continue. "I love the sound ofthe instrument and the way you play it", he tells me. After the next tune, he is telling the environmental person, "He can really play!" She is enjoying it too, and everyone is smiling!

I play some more and he tells me with some excitement, "You really shine me up with that thing! You grace my ears and my spirit. This is the best thing that has happened to me since I arrived here in the hospital." I tell him how much that means to me and promise to return soon later this week. I feel shiny too!

Published on by Lloyd Goldstein.