How I Play Matters
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How I Play Matters

How I play matters, even more perhaps than what I play. If I am prepared mentally, physically and musically, that is, if I have practiced yoga and meditation in the morning, and had a nice warm up on the instrument I am apt to do a more sensitive and accurate job. I am in control of my instrument and clear about what I want to do from moment to moment. I am a better listener, both inside and out.

Today in visit a second time with a lovely elderly woman and her son. They welcome me back. I begin with a short familiar tune from the Beatles. They are smiling and happy to be able to recognize the song and the intention, "A Little Help From My Friends". Next is "Stand By Me", then a classical Gavotte, an upbeat and elegant tune, then some conversation followed by 'Breiz' a Celtic influences rhythmic piece featuring a bagpipe-like drone throughout. Huge smiles and appreciation. Perfect!

A Nurse Practitioner came up afterward to ask me about the last piece. She said that it was "so beautiful! It has been such a hectic day. I found the music very grounding. Thank you!"

Published on by Lloyd Goldstein.